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Ioroi Trowel chisel (Kote nomi) Dovetail type by Ioroi Hideo 五百蔵秀夫作 五百蔵 鏝鑿 鎬型 9,12,15,18,24,30mm

¥9,500 JPY
· Info
Craftsman/職人:  Ioroi Hideo ・五百蔵秀夫作
Place/地域: Banshu  Miki・播州三木打刃物
Steel/鋼: White steel・白紙鋼
Jigane/地金: Modern soft iron・極軟鉄
Blade width and Smith info /刃幅: 9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm/24mm/30mm
Full length/全長: about 350mm
Blade angle/刃角: about 34°
Type of URA/裏の種類: Blake&Normal・黒裏&単数裏
Type of woodhandle/木柄の種類: Japanese white oak・白樫
· Notice
Because it is handmade. There are slight differences between the actual product and the photos.

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