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✭ Video: Restoring a large plane・大鉋の再生

Grintec K2 Sharpening Guide Designed for Japanese Plane Irons 初弘 鉋刃研器グリンテックK2

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2023/12/27 Ready to use!! Old stock Baio Large Plane(Kanna)by Tanaka shougo 掘出し物 梅鶯 田中昭吾作 大鉋 110mm

2023/12/20 Teruhide Yabane Black Smoothing Plane (Kanna) by Ishido 日本橋木屋銘入 10代目石堂輝秀 黒矢羽仕上げ鉋 70mm

2023/11/16 Fujihiro Medium timber chisels set by Chuutarou Imai 今井忠太郎作 二治弘 中叩組鑿 桐箱付 Chutatakinomi #6

2023/11/15 Ouchi Dovetail chisels set by Ouchi 4th generation 四代目大内俊明作 宗家大内 鎬追入組鑿 Oirenomi

2023/11/2 Old stock #5 Mixed set for beginner Timber chisels set with White steel 掘出し物 バラ鑿合わせ 初心者におすすめ 叩鑿6本組 Tatakinomi

2023/10/30 Chotousei Carving chisels set Professional level 彫刀晟 小倉彫刻刃物製作所 専門用 彫刻刀セット Chokokuto

2023/10/12 Old stock Sukemaru High-Speed Steel Bench chisels set 掘出し物 助丸 ハイス鋼追入組鑿 Oirenomi

2023/10/10 Kanemitsu Tsuchime Finish Santoku with Blue steel 兼光作 槌目 青紙鋼 三徳包丁 170mm

2023/10/07 Old stock Ryushinsai Smoothing Plane (Kanna) by Tsutsumitomoichi 掘出し物 堤朋一作 龍進斎 仕上げ鉋 85mm

2023/10/07 Break down famous chairs and understand how they are made PART2 名作椅子の解体新書2

2023/10/06 Old Stock Carving chisels set by Blue steel 掘出し物 彫刻組鑿 青紙鋼 10本組

2023/10/02 Hiun eleventh generation Teruhide Smoothing Plane (Kanna) 飛雲 十一代目 石堂秀雄作 仕上げ鉋 70mm

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